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Cohabitation and Marriage Agreements
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When family law issues arise, the most important thing for our clients is to know that in addition to the necessary skills and expertise, their lawyer is sensitive to the personal concerns that accompany separation and divorce.

At Alliance Lex, we have extensive experience with all aspects of separation and divorce, including property division, child and spousal support, guardianship, parental responsibilities, and parenting time. We understand that the transition out of a marriage or marriage-like relationship is a difficult one for many people, and we are focussed on supporting our clients to craft the most effective and mutually beneficial solutions through Mediation or the Collaborative Process.

We also have extensive expertise in the preparation of Cohabitation and Marriage Agreements, and we support our clients who are entering into long term relationships or are getting married to increase the probability of having a successful, enduring relationship.


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What is Collaborative Divorce?
Collaborative Divorce offers separating couples an inter-disciplinary and revolutionary way of dealing with divorce during a very stressful and challenging time in their lives. It is a process that helps protect the dignity, integrity, and long-term best interests of all family members.

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