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Protection of information is a critical issue for both business and individuals, and the issues are only becoming more complex. The regulatory environment imposes significant obligations on organizations, and creates high expectations in consumers. Proprietary business information is increasingly vulnerable to threats and misuse, while personal information rights have never been so important to citizens. Evolving legislation, driven by public opinion, technological developments and government policy changes, will ensure that privacy issues and the protection of information will remain a front-burner issue.

At Alliance Lex, we advise clients on all aspects of federal and provincial, public and private sector privacy and freedom of information law. We work with clients in many sectors and provide a comprehensive suite of privacy services. We have extensive experience developing privacy compliance programs, from the assessment and analysis phase, through to policy development and drafting, training and strategic planning and advice during privacy breach incidents. We provide annual reviews of our client`s privacy programs to keep their practices and procedures updated, and legal advice and opinions as needed to respond to privacy and freedom of information issues as they arise.

We assist individuals with privacy and access to information requests, including with all aspects of complaints to a Commission and investigations by a Commissioner. We advise business in respect of making or responding to request for access to third party information under freedom of information law.

We draft information transfer and information protection agreements, advise clients on all aspects of privacy protection in relation to service providers and conduct investigations into privacy or access complaints, and into privacy breaches.

Alliance Lex lawyers have experience and expertise in the following specific practice areas:

  • Information Sharing Agreements
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Workplace Privacy
  • Health Information Privacy
  • Access Requests
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

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