1. To which organizations/enterprises does this Privacy Statement apply?

This statement applies to Alliance Lex Law Corporation ("Alliance Lex") and to the law practices of all the lawyers practicing in association with Alliance Lex.

2. What Personal Information does Alliance Lex collect?

Personal Information is generally any information about an identifiable individual.

We collect personal information about our clients. We may collect personal information about other people, (for example, a client's family member, or an opposing party in a lawsuit) if necessary for the purposes of the client's matter.

The type of personal information Alliance Lex collects, uses and discloses may include a person's name, age, mailing address, residential address, residential phone numbers or email address, personal history (including financial and credit information, donations, personal health information, billing history, personal family and relationship matters, penal or criminal information), personal information related to corporate involvements, work experience (past and present), discipline, income and other benefits, medical records, tax records, and security clearances.

Personal Information however does not include the name, business title or business address and business telephone number in your capacity as an employee of an organization/enterprise.

3. How do we collect your Personal Information?

We often collect Personal Information from you or from third parties and as agents on behalf of our clients, where we have obtained the requisite consent to do so (for example, upon a client's instructions) or as otherwise permitted by law. Third parties include, as examples, witnesses, service providers, references and other persons that we need to contact to provide services to and for clients, to establish, manage or terminate an employment relationship, or for administrative or management requirements. We only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means.

4. What do we use your Personal Information for?

We collect and use Personal Information primarily to provide services to and for clients, to establish, manage or terminate an employment relationship, or for administrative or management requirements. We do not sell client lists or other Personal Information.

Alliance Lex usually collects and uses Personal Information for the following purposes:

To provide legal services to and for our clients;
Administration, billing, accounting and collection in relation to providing services to our clients;
To protect against fraud and error;
To communicate with our clients or others generally or to ensure client satisfaction, and to inform clients and others of developments in various areas of law as well as seminars (and other events) that Alliance Lex or its lawyers may participate in;
For administrative or management requirements, including for compliance purposes as required by law;
To build and maintain the expertise and experience of the lawyers at Alliance Lex;
To make decisions regarding employee hiring, duties, transfer, training, discipline, promotion and retention;
To establish and manage the employment relationship, including for remuneration, performance evaluation, benefit and insurance purposes;
When communicating the information to a sub-contractor (or other agents or intermediaries) in the course of an engagement for the performance of services to Alliance Lex or to our clients, or for the administrative or management purposes of Alliance Lex;
We identify the other purposes for which we use your Personal Information at the time we collect such information from you and obtain the requisite consent, unless otherwise permitted by law, prior to such other use.

5. To whom do we provide your Personal Information?

We may disclose your Personal Information:

To organizations, individuals, government agencies or regulatory bodies, when required for the purposes of providing services to and for clients;
To third party service providers with whom we have a contractual agreement, which have comparable levels of privacy protection, for the processing related to services rendered to and for clients, to establish, manage and terminate an employment relationship, and for administrative or management requirements (e.g., for photocopying, shredding, storage and other document management, payroll, I.T., including software maintenance, consulting and staffing services, investigations and searches, independent expert matters, collection, bailiffs and services);
To organizations or authorities as required for legal compliance and insurance obligations; and
Such other disclosures of Personal Information to such persons for which you provide your consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law.
When supplementary disclosure is required, we will identify (at the time we collect such information from you and obtain the requisite consent to such disclosure, unless otherwise permitted by law) the other persons/organizations/enterprises and the other purposes to whom and for which disclosure may occur.

6. When and how do we obtain your consent?

When consent is required, we obtain it prior to collecting and, in any case, prior to using or disclosing the Personal Information. An individual may provide consent to us either orally or in writing. We will obtain express consent as often as possible. Consent may also be implicit in the circumstances such as in the case where you have already provided Personal Information to us and you maintain your relationship with us.

In most cases, an individual can withdraw consent at any time (unless withdrawing the consent would frustrate the performance of legal obligations), and upon providing us with a 30-day notice. However, if an individual withdraws consent, this may impact our ability to provide the individual services, or to maintain the relationship.

In certain circumstances, as permitted or required by law, we may collect, use or disclose Personal Information without an individual's knowledge or consent. These circumstances include (where applicable): information about an individual which is publicly available; where collection or use is clearly in the interests of the individual and consent cannot be obtained in a timely way; to investigate a breach of any agreement or a contravention of a law; to comply with a subpoena, warrant, court order or as required or otherwise permitted by law.

7. How do we ensure the privacy of your Personal Information when dealing with third parties?

We remain responsible for all personal information we give to our service providers. As such, we ensure that third parties which are engaged to perform services on our behalf and are provided with Personal Information are required to observe the intent of this Privacy Statement by having comparable levels of security protection or, when required, by ensuring us (through an agreement) that they will not use or disclosure the personal information for any other purpose that for which the Personal Information was communicated.

8. What limiting principles do we adopt?

Alliance Lex collects only the personal information necessary to fulfill the purposes identified prior to or at the time of collection, or any other reasonable and legitimate purposes or as permitted or required by law.

Alliance Lex does not, as a condition of supplying a service, or of establishing, managing or terminating an employment relationship, or as an administrative or management requirement, require consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information beyond that reasonably required for such purposes, or to comply with its obligations under applicable law.

We do not use or disclose personal information, except for the purposes for which it was collected, or new purposes to which you have consented, or as required or otherwise permitted by applicable law.

9. How long will we retain the Personal Information?

As lawyers, we are subject to a variety of statutory requirements to retain Personal Information. These requirements differ depending on the type of Personal Information at issue. In all cases though, we keep personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and as required or otherwise permitted by law. In some cases, such as, for example, where we provide services relating to Wills, Estates and Trusts, this may be a very long time.

10. Individual rights to request access to personal information

Subject to the exceptions provided by the applicable law, including to any applicable duties of confidence and to solicitor-client privilege, we will make available to an individual, upon written request, their own Personal Information that we have collected, utilized or disclosed. Requests for access should be directed to the Alliance Lex privacy officer.

11. Accuracy

We use reasonable efforts to ensure that Personal Information is kept as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it is used. In order to help us maintain and ensure that Privacy Information is accurate and up to date, our clients must inform us, without delay, of any change in their personal information.

12. How to challenge the accuracy of Personal Information in our control

An individual has a right to challenge the accuracy or completeness of the Personal Information in our custody or control, subject to the exceptions provided by the applicable law. Where appropriate, we will transmit the amended information to third parties to whom we have communicated your Personal Information.

13. How fast will we respond to a written request for access to Personal Information?

We will make every reasonable effort to respond to a written request not later than thirty (30) days after receipt and will advise the requester in writing if we cannot meet a request within this time limit. When applicable, an individual has the right to make a complaint to Privacy Commissioner of BC in respect of this time limit. We may request that the requester provide sufficient identification to prove his or her identity and the right to access the Personal Information sought. This identity information will be used only for this purpose.

14. What is the cost for an access request?

Depending on the nature and extent of the request, a reasonable charge may be required when requesting access to personal information, including if the request is for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of such information. We will notify the requester of the amount that will be charged prior to processing the request.

15. What safeguards have we implemented to protect Personal Information?

Alliance Lex is committed to protecting the security of personal information. We therefore use security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of personal information to protect it from loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. These safeguards include physical measures, such as restricted access to offices and equipment, organizational measures, such as security clearances and publishing this policy to all Alliance Lex's associates and personnel with the strict instructions to act in accordance with its principles (for example, limiting access on a "need to know" basis) and technological measures, such as the use of passwords or encryption.

16. Contact the Privacy Officer

All complaints or other inquiries regarding your Personal Information or our Privacy Policy and Practices, should be forwarded to our Privacy Officer as follows:

Privacy Officer

Alliance Lex Law Corporation
200 - 576 Seymour Street
Vancouver BC, V6B 3K1