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Divorce Guidelines for the Small Business Owner
New Year, New Outlook: Managing Financial Stress in the New Year
Married and Mature: Navigating the Divorce Process for Older Couples
The First Meeting with a Collaborative Lawyer
Do I really need a Cohabitation agreement at the start of my relationship?


Change in Privacy Law Legislation
The new amendments enable the regulation of data-linking by public bodies, mandate the completion of privacy impact assessments by public bodies, permit broader sharing of personal information by public bodies, require public bodies to proactively release more information without an access request; create a new regime for Identity Management; and give the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner more oversight powers. The health sector has been granted an exemption from many of the new data-linking and privacy impact assessment requirements; the government has committed to further discussions with the Privacy Commissioner on the development of the regulations and an information-sharing code of practice.

What is Collaborative Divorce?
Collaborative Divorce offers separating couples an inter-disciplinary and revolutionary way of dealing with divorce during a very stressful and challenging time in their lives. It is a process that helps protect the dignity, integrity, and long-term best interests of all family members.

Why is Estate Planning so Important?
Estate planning is the process of organizing your financial affairs, with the benefit of appropriate professional advisors, during your lifetime, so that when you pass away the government gets as little of your estate as possible, your estate is distributed as you wish; and the pain and confusion of dealing with financial matters after a death is minimized.

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